Download the schedule here. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Descriptions of the workshops and excursion are below the table.

MC Canada Gathering 2019 Schedule

TimeFriday, June 28, 2019Saturday, June 29, 2019Sunday, June 30, 2019Monday, July 1, 2019
8:00 a.m.Breakfast and RegistrationBreakfast and RegistrationBreakfast and RegistrationBreakfast and Registration
9:00 a.m.Leadership Day Plenary
Speaker - Elaine Heath
MC Canada Regional Delegate AGM
Youth leave for Camp Squeah
9:30 AM Gathering Worship
Plenary by Elaine Heath
Gathering Worship Plenary by Elaine Heath
10:00 a.m.Leadership session cont’dAGMWorship Cont’d including
11:00 a.m.Leadership session cont’dAGM(Youth return from Squeah to arrive for lunchGathering Conclusion and Sending
12:00 p.m.LunchLunch
(AMBS Reunion lunch,
MCBC Int. Witness Info session with Jason Martin)
Lunch (Mennonite Women Canada) No lunch provided
1:00 p.m.RegistrationRegistration - Excursions
2:00 p.m.Leadership Day Plenary
Speaker - Elaine Heath
Gathering 2019 Kick-off
Opening Worship – Installation of Executive Minister – Doug Klassen
Excursions depart between 1 – 2 p.m.
3:00 p.m.Leadership session cont’dWorship cont’dExcursions cont’d
4:00 p.m.Leadership session cont’dWorship cont’d with Firestarter workshopsExcursions cont’d
5:00 p.m.Leadership Day conclusionOpening worship conclusionExcursions cont’d
5:30 pmDinnerDinner
(A Coversation with CBC, Grebel, and CMU)
6:00 p.m.Registration for Gathering and Crokinole TournamentRegistration cont’dRegistration cont’d
7:00 pmCrokinole Tournament
MCBC Int. Witness Info session
with Jason Martin & Jeanette Hanson
Workshops - ACombined worship (7:00-7:20)
Creative worship time (7:20-8:45)
a. Voices Together session
b. Taize session led by Jane Grunau
c. Outdoor church with Sandy Plett
8:15 pmCrokinole cont’dWorkshops – B
9:15 pmCrokinole conclusionFellowship
LGBTQ+, Family, Friends Gathering
Coffee House – Hosted by Columbia Bible College at Quality Inn
Subject to change.

Revised June 19, 2019

Workshops - Saturday evening, June 29, 2019

A block - 7:00 -8:00 p.m.

Being Jesus in Today’s World - Colin and Judith McCartney

For many, the current post-Christendom reality is bad news but for followers of Jesus this reality presents exciting opportunities for kingdom work. During this workshop Colin and Judith McCartney, of Connect City Ministries in Toronto, discuss opportunities to do effective and innovative ministry within post-Christendom culture. This workshop is geared towards those interested in missional purpose, church planting, church revitalization, and/or urban ministry.

Beyond our Hopes and Expectations - Roberson Mbayamvula

Roberson Mbayamvula, pastor of Hagerman Mennonite Church, will present about creating a multi-functional worship space. Hagerman  shares worship space with Markham Chinese and the Tamil Church (Markham Christian Worship Center) in Markham, Ontario. The church’s partnership allows the groups to afford the costs of city property. This workshop is for those interested in church partnership or those struggling with practical issues of sharing church facilities.

Igniting the Imagination of the Church and Healthy Self-Care - April Yamasaki

Four gifts author April Yamasaki presents on how  we can ignite our imaginations but not burn out ourselves and others. Part of the answer lies in healthy self-care rooted in Jesus' great commandment to love God and love others as ourselves. This workshop explores a Christ-centered framework for self-care that embraces ministry with and for others, and draws us to rest in God's care, imaginations and all.

 Choir rehearsal with Heidi Epp

Be part of the choir that will share during worship on Sunday and Monday.

B block - 8:15 to 9:15 p.m.

What excites me about this church - Dann Pantoja

In this seminar, MC Canada Witness worker Dann Pantoja will share field stories about the witness partnerships between MC Canada and ministries in the Philippines. He will speak on the inter-faith relational journey among Muslims and Indigenous Peoples; peacebuilding challenges in a growing dictatorial regime; inclusive development through coffee farming; and new perspectives on what it means to be a witness for Jesus in the twenty-first century.

Finding Innovative Ways to talk about God and Spirituality - Troy Watson

In this workshop, Avon Mennonite Church Pastor Troy Watson will examine how some "post-Christians" and “spiritual but not religious” (SBNR) types are talking about God and spirituality. There will be discussions on how our conventional church language, metaphors and analogies, are barriers that hinder people from understanding the essence of Christ’s message and his way of peace. Expect to explore fresh and creative ways to talk about Christian faith essentials.

MCBC's Engagement with New Leaf Network - Kevin Barkowsky

 MCBC Church Engagement Minister, Kevin Barkowsky, will present how MCBC is partnering with the New Leaf Network, a Canadian church-planting organization passionate about new initiatives, and learning how to become a more missional church.

Voices Together – MennoMedia and hymnal committee

Come learn about Voices Together, a new worship and song collection for Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. What are the ways Voices Together will be like and unlike hymnals that have come before? How will it reflect shifts in the church and in worship practices? How will it approach intercultural worship, contemporary worship music, and the language we use to name God and one another? Members of the Mennonite Worship and Song Committee will introduce the suite of resources available and talk about the aspirations, joys, and challenges of creating a new hymnal and worship book.

**Newly added: Encountering the Image of God: “What was I afraid of?” - Joon Park, Allen Harder and Chris Lenshyn

Encountering the unfamiliar images of God in us and them is an experience that can provoke responses that may surprise/ scare/ shock us. Through the lens of the Dr Seuss classic “What am I scared of?” this interactive workshop will help develop an awareness for how barriers are constructed unintentionally by our assumptions. This workshop is a continuation of MCBC’s journey to understand the impact of power, privilege and prejudice as we embrace God’s image in those who are different.

Excursions - Sunday afternoon, June 30, 2019

Time slot: 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. (some trips may not take this long)

Chinatown: the challenges and opportunities of an inner-city parish - Led by Tim Kuepfer, Chinatown Peace Church

What does it look like for a small Mennonite Church to love and follow Jesus in a neighbourhood beset by homelessness, addiction, and mental health challenges as well as the arrival of the hipsters, large new condo buildings and soaring home prices? This excursion includes a guided walking tour and conversations with community and Christian leaders who invest their lives in Vancouver's Chinatown. Participants must be prepared to walk for two hours. All buildings along the tour are wheelchair accessible.

Indigenous cultural and historical tour, including former St Mary’s Residential School - Arranged by Henry Krause

Stó:lō territory is a cultural treasure within the Fraser Valley and into the Canyon, surrounded by majestic mountains and centred around the Fraser River. Discover the stories and Hal’qeméylem place names. Also included will be a guided tours to Xá:ytem in Mission (Hatzic), B.C. Learn the legends of the Xa:ytem rock and traditional pit houses and also available guided educational tours of St. Mary's, former Residential School in Mission. This trip may not be completely wheelchair accessible.

A Rocha - Led by Steve Kroeker

Featuring a tour of A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre, this trip includes a walk around the Organic Garden and a chance to see part of the Little Campbell River Watershed where the staff conducts conservation education work. There will be time for active discussion, exploration and inspiration for caring for God's good Creation. The excursion will be on accessible, paved paths, but across grass at times so wheelchair users may require assistance.

Westminster Abbey in Mission, B.C. - Led by Heidi Epp

This excursion is a guided tour of Westminster Abbey in Mission, B.C. Participants will learn the history of the Abbey and its Benedictine monks, and spend time in the sanctuary before walking through the beautiful surrounding gardens. This tour is wheelchair accessible, though wheelchairs may require assistance on grass in the garden grounds.

Bridal Falls/Bridal Falls WaterPark

A half-hour bus-ride from the conference centre, Bridal Falls is a family friendly location where you can either enjoy the Waterpark or take a walk on the trails to the Falls. Children must be supervised by a parent or assigned adult. There is an additional cost for sliders of $18 and $9 for non-sliders to be submitted to the host at the Gathering registration table.

Downtown Yarrow -  Imagination Corporation

This tour will take you to downtown Yarrow to get a walking tour of the Imagination Corporation, a family company specializing in design and construction for theme parks, miniature golf courses, restaurants and more. Guided by owner Dan Sawatzky, you will have opportunity to shop at Inspired Arts, a local BC Artisan shop, get Birchwood ice-cream at the Mighty Moose, and spend time in the park. This is a wheelchair accessible tour.

Metzger Collection, Columbia Bible College

The Metzger Collection is a museum that sets the biblical story within the broader context of human history, from prehistory to the modern period, bringing it to life through replicas of artwork and artifacts. Stand in front of Caesar Augustus and feel the weight of Roman military might. Marvel at the unlocked hieroglyphs of the Rosetta Stone. Discover why the lamps of the Ten Virgins in Jesus’ parable might have run out of oil. Experience the flow of time and the rise and fall of empires throughout history.

Children's programming (for kids ages 5 to 12)

The children's Gathering will happen at Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Abbotsford, which is a 20-minute drive from the Quality Hotel, where the main Gathering takes place. Children will be bused to and from Emmanuel, coming back to Quality Hotel to join their families for lunch and supper.

Activities for children are currently planned during all of Gathering 2019's main sessions:

  • Friday, Leadership Day, June 28 (morning and afternoon)
  • Saturday, June 29, morning, afternoon and evening
  • Sunday, June 30, morning and evening (kids are with parents during excursions Sunday afternoon)
  • Part of Monday morning (the children will participate in our last worship session)

Here is a list of activities that are currently planned:

  • field trip to a nearby blueberry farm
  • river trail hikes
  • painting
  • t-shirt decorating
  • puppet play
  • trip to Castle Fun Park
  • learning songs to share during Gathering worship