by K.D. Sawatzky

Delegates will attend the MC Canada delegate session on Saturday morning

What is the purpose of the Delegate session at Gathering 2019?

Delegates will attend to the official business of MC Canada. This includes approval of the minutes of the 2016 and 2017 Assemblies, the financial statement, the auditor’s report and the budget for the 2020 fiscal year. We will review and ratify Joint Council actions; receive and review reports from our programs: International Witness, Indigenous-Settler Relations, and CommonWord, as well as the Regional Churches, and act on any recommendations coming from Joint Council or Regional Churches. We will also review and assess progress in implementing the new MC Canada structure, elect executive officers of Joint Council, and confirm auditors.

Who are the delegates under the new structure?

Congregations no longer select or send delegates. Delegates are now appointed by the five Regional Churches. Six members of the board of directors of each Regional Church, five delegates appointed by the Regional Church, and additional delegates based on Regional Church membership (1 for every 1,000 members) make up the delegates sent to the MC Canada Gatherings.

Is anything different under the new MC Canada structure?

In 2017, the Regional Churches covenanted together to constitute MC Canada to nurture a nationwide Anabaptist identity. It is now the five Regional Churches (Mennonite Church British Columbia, Mennonite Church Alberta, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, Mennonite Church Manitoba, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada) that comprise MC Canada and collectively set the agenda and program for MC Canada. The AGM will include reports from the Regional Churches on how this agenda is being carried forward locally, regionally, nationwide, and globally.

What reports will be presented at the AGM?

  • An update on implementation of the new MC Canada structure
  • Reports from MC Canada programs International Witness, Indigenous-Settler Relations, and CommonWord
  • Reports from Regional Churches
  • An update on the MC Canada Communications strategy
  • A report on the inaugural MC Canada Mission Consultation, which took place in Calgary, March 29 to 31

Are there key decisions that will be made?

MC Canada is still living into the new structure. No actions or recommendations have come from the Regional Churches. Approval of the finances and of the content and schedule of future Gatherings are the decisions to be made at this time.

Are there other things to look forward to during this session?

The AGM is scheduled for Saturday morning, June 29. In the afternoon, Gathering 2019 officially kicks off with worship in the afternoon that will include a session with guest speaker Dr. Elaine Heath and the installation of Doug Klassen as Executive Minister of MC Canada.

Registration for Gathering 2019 is now open! Go to for the registration guidelines and link.